Humboldt Day 2020 – India Event

Humboldt Day 2020 – India Event

Organized by Uma Ramakrishnan, VV Robin, and Vivek Ramashandran.

Day 1: 14th September, 2020
Kamal BawaIntroduction to biogeography and biodiversity in India0900 – 0915
Karthick BalaBiogeographic patterns and community structure of diatoms across the Western Ghats0915 – 0940
Jahnavi JoshiThe Centipede’s Sanctuary: Exploring Ancient Refugia from peninsular India0940-1005
Ishan AgarwalEvolution of the Indian dry zone1005-1030
Navendu PagePhytogeographic mysteries of the Indian subcontinent1030-1055
SP VijayakumarMeditating on endemism: history, assembly and politics1055-1120
Nishma DahalHigh altitude biodiversity and impacts of climate change, the case study of the Himalayan pikas1120-1145
Krishnapriya TammaRodents and ecosystems of the North Eastern India1145-1210
Ashwin ViswanathanState of India’s Birds: Population trends and distribution maps1235-1300
Day 2: 15th September, 2020 – Moderator: Praveen Karanth
T.B SmithA biological view on avian diversification1800 to 1830 IST
Rauri BowiePenguin phylogenomics1830 to 1900 IST
Day 3: 16th September, 2020 – Moderator: Kartik Shanker
Walter JetzTBA1800 to 1830 IST
Rosemarie GillespieTBA1830 to 1900 IST
Day 4: 17th September, 2020 – Moderator: Jayashree Ratnam
Sushma ReddyBirds of Madagascar, a conundrum of island biogeography1800 to 1830 IST
Rauri BowieSky Islands of Africa1830 to 1900 IST
Day 5: 18th September, 2020 – Moderator: Nandini Rajamani
Rob MoylePantropical biogeography, with some recent work on passerines, trogons, and Coraciiformes.1730 to 1800 IST
Sampath SenevirathneFrom Wallace to warblers – island biogeography from a Sri Lanka standpoint1800 to 1830 IST
Martin PackertMountain biodiversity – the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau a center of bird diversification1830 to 1900 IST

September 14 @ 09:00
09:00 — 13:00 (4h)

Asia, India

Uma Ramakrishnan, Vivek Ramashandran, VV Robin