Humboldt Day evolutionary biogeography symposium

Humboldt Day evolutionary biogeography symposium

Organizer/Host: Craig Moritz, Centre for Biodiversity Analysis (CBA), Australian National University

Full details and talk videos can be downloaded here:

CBA hosted an online mini-symposium on recent insights into how historical climate change and trait evolution has shaped Australasian biogeography. 

12:00pmIntroductionCraig Moritz (ANU)
12:10pmFirst across the line: elucidating the deeper history trans-Wallacean diversity.Paul Oliver (Griffith/QLD Museum), Audrey Prasetya (ANU), Andrew Hugall (Museums VIC)
12:30pmThe Sunda-Sahul Floristic Exchange through space and time.Elizabeth Joyce and Darren Crayn (JCU)
12:50pmContinental-scale phylogenomics unravels the complex biogeography of Australo-Papuan rodents.Emily Roycroft (ANU) & Kevin Rowe (Museums VIC)
1:30pmBiotic interactions through time.  Ian Brennan et al. (ANU)
1:50pmHistory and ecology: the diversification and biogeography of the Australian plant genus HakeaAlex Skeels & Marcel Cardillo (ANU)
2:10pmBiogeography of thermal tolerance in plantsVeronica Briceno Rodriguez, Onoriode Coast, Adrienne Nicotra (ANU)

September 17 @ 12:00
12:00 — 14:30 (2h 30′)

Australia, Oceania

Craig Moritz