International Humboldt day; a trip to Madagascar

International Humboldt day; a trip to Madagascar

Organizer: Lova Marline

A small multi-disciplinary virtual seminar on Island Biogeography to celebrate the international Humboldt day in Madagascar. This is an opportunity for students (especially Malagasy postgraduate students) to talk about their research and interact with broader international audiences.

Dr. Benjamin Rice (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University): Parasites in Madagascar: Hosts as islands on islands.

Abstract: Understanding the spatial distribution of parasite biodiversity is of clear interest from a health perspective; I argue parasite taxa, especially on islands, remain understudied from a biogeography perspective.

Student talks: The promised land for Naturalists

Dr. Estelle Razanatsoa (Department of Biological Sciences University of Cape Town): Tropical dry forest in Madagascar: Exploring the past for a better future. Abstract: Palaeoecological investigations in the Southwest of Madagascar revealed that dry forest ecosystems have responded to rainfall variability and fire events during the late Holocene and are resilient to the factors up to a certain threshold. (Video unavailable)

September 16 @ 14:00
14:00 — 16:00 (2h)

Africa, Madagascar

Lova Marline