The geography of species associations

The geography of species associations

Video coming soon.

Organizers: Amanda Bates, Jennifer Sunday, Jonathan Davies and Pedro Peres-Neto

Series of mini-talks by biogeographers in Canada and breakout discussion groups.


Kate Jones, University College London:   Our Planet, Our Health – Ecosystem approaches to forecasting zoonotic disease 

Carissa Brown, Memorial University: Biotic constraints on tree range expansion 

Laura Pollock, McGill University: Biogeography of predator-prey interactions 

Gabriel Muñoz, Concordia University: Biogeography of palm seed dispersal interactions 

Jennifer Sunday, McGill University: What range shifts can tell us about species interactions? 

Benjamin Freeman, University of British Columbia: Latitudinal gradient in responsiveness of montane taxa to climate change 

Rachel Germain, University of British Columbia, Memorial University: Pattern, process, and the formation of species distributions at mesoscales 

Amanda Bates, Memorial University: Gaps in biogeographical data and future directions 

Jean-Philippe Lessard, Concordia University: Biogeography of host-parasite interactions 

Discussion activity: research challenges in Biogeography (not recorded)


September 14 @ 13:00
13:00 — 17:00 (4h)

Canada, North America

Amanda Bates, Jennifer Sunday, Jonathan Davies, Pedro Peres-Neto