Time machine biology: fossils and biogeography

Time machine biology: fossils and biogeography

Online presentation by Moriaki Yasuhara (https://moriakiyasuhara.com/), with Q&A period

Format: 40-45 min talk, with 15-20 min question period

Description: Direct observations of marine ecosystems are inherently
limited in their temporal span. Yet ongoing global anthropogenic
change urges improved understanding of long-term baselines, greater
insights into the relationship between climate and biodiversity, and
knowledge of the evolutionary consequences of our actions. Marine
fossils can provide this understanding by linking data on the response
of marine biota to reconstructions of past environmental change. Given
the continuous preservation of marine fossils, they have potential to
constrain the state and dynamics of past climates and ecosystems on
the timescale of centuries to millions of years. In this presentation
I will overview the development and recent advances in this “time
machine biology” as a synthetic science of ecology, paleoecology, and
biogeography with potential to illuminate the interplay and relative
importance of ecological and evolutionary factors during global

September 15 @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:00 (1h)

Asia, Hong Kong

Moriaki Yasuhara