Organize an event for Humboldt Day

Organize an event for Humboldt Day

2021 Event format:

The International Biogeography Society is looking forward to helping coordinate the 2nd annual ‘International Humboldt Day’ week of events this coming September 12-19, 2021.

Events are anticipated to be held worldwide, open in format (in-person or online events, workshops & fieldtrips) with organization and local promotion of each event to be done by local hosts.

The International Biogeography Society is able to support events in the following ways:

  • Listing of events will be posted on the website
  • Advertising of overall activities via twitter (@humboldtday, #humboldtday), facebook ( and email lists
  • Support is available for a limited number of events in the form of hosting of webinars, technical support, and general overall organization of events (Contact us for info)
  • Humboldt Day lecture certificates can be provided to speakers and local organizers on request, to acknowledge their contributions

Following the fantastic and diverse participation of biogeographers around the world for Humboldt Day 2020, we’re excited for this coming year’s week of events. We hope you’ll take advantage of the 2020 recordings available online to further engage with and learn from biogeographers from around the world and we look forward to engaging with you for Humboldt Day 2021!

If you are interested in organizing an International Humboldt Day event for this year, or have other questions, please let us know by using the CONTACT US form. This initial expression of interest should include contact details of local organizers and host institutions.

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