Frontiers of Biogeography

Frontiers of Biogeography

Organizers: Robert Whittaker, Janet Franklin

Short introduction about Frontiers of Biogeography – the official journal of the International Biogeography Society, and some video abstracts from recent and ‘In-press’ articles.

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Video Abstract: Introduction to Frontiers of Biogeography

Presenter: Robert J. Whittaker, Editor-in-Chief

Video Abstract: The onset of grasses in the Amazon drainage basin, evidence from the fossil record

Authors & video presenters: Judith Kirschner and Carina Hoorn

Video Abstract: Evolutionary diversification in the marine realm: a global case study with marine mammals

Authors: Ben G. Holt, Felix G. Marx, Susanne A. Fritz, Jean-Philippe Lessard, and Carsten Rahbek (Video by Ben Holt)

Video Abstract: Marine lakes as biogeographical islands: a physical model for ecological dynamics in an insular marine lake, Palau

Authors: François Blanchette, Sydney Montroy, Sharon Patris, and Michael N. Dawson

Video Abstract: Recent geospatial dynamics of Terceira (Azores, Portugal) and the theoretical implications for the biogeography of active volcanic islands.

Authors: Kenneth F. Rijsdijk, Simon Buijs, Rui Quartau, Robin Aguilée, Sietze J. Norder, Sérgio P. Ávila, Sara Maria Teixeira de Medeiros, João Carlos Carreiro Nunes, Rui Bento Elias, Carlos S. Melo, Paulo Stocchi, Stacy Shinneman, Erik F. M. Koene, A.C. (Harry) Seijmonsbergen, W. M. (Thijs) de Boer and Paulo A. V. Borges

September 15 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:30 (30′)

Europe, North America

Janet Franklin, Robert Whittaker